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By 1853, its circulation had reached 30,000 and it was reporting on various sciences, such as astronomy and medicine. Its solidly-researched, well-written articles, accompanied by illustrations and explanations, have made it a highly regarded publication. Davies was one of Canada's most distinguished writers.

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When a quotation contains a mistake, such as a spelling mistake or grammatical error, but we wish to preserve the quotation exactly as it was written, we can mark it with the word "sic" (Latin for "thus" or "so") in brackets to let the reader know that the error was not our own. In 1845, Rufus Porter—an eccentric inventor, painter, and editor—published the first issue of Scientific American, a weekly newspaper about new inventions.What innovative technology, considered indispensible today, did he proudly shun? Augustine is best known for his spiritual autobiography, the Confessions, which details the excesses of his youth, his career as a teacher of rhetoric, his years as a believer in Manicheism and Platonism, and his belated conversion to Christianity.It is primarily for his writings that he is known as the patron saint of theologians and scholars, and one of the "Four Latin Fathers" of the Christian Church. recognition mark - A distinctive one that makes an animal or bird easy to recognize by others of the same species.Among the themes explored in his densely plotted novels are life's moral dimensions and the isolation of the spirit.He is best known for his three novel trilogies dealing with life and culture in fictional Ontario villages.

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