Gramma sex chat

Part II – Gramma starts acting as sexy as she is dressed Well, my cock had started to grow and get hard as she was talking and I was looking at her sexy clothes that made her look even better than naked, so I didn’t hear her question the first time. ” “I asked if you noticed that I don’t have any hair on my pussy.” She sounded almost mad.I was rubbing my hand up and down my own cock, through my pants, seeing the picture of her and Grandpa fucking and playing with fuck toys. “Oh, uh, well, uh, yeah, I noticed,” was all I could choke out at the moment.

All our ladies are 30 which makes them the most erotic women you will ever talk to.

“And sometimes he even liked to watch me shave myself. ” My cock was beginning to think about fucking and not remembering who it was thinking about, and it was getting longer and harder again, seeing bare pussy, just covered by some threads, and her bare legs above her stockings, bare all the way up to her hips. I’ve been fucking, at least occasionally, since I was sixteen. You want to fuck me, and I’m wanting very badly to be fucked, so that seems to me to be a pretty good bargain for both of us.” “Yes, ma’am! That made my cock really jump, and it also pulled my Gramma up out of her seat.

I had to be very careful when he watched me shave, ’cause I’d get to shaking, with thinking about him fucking me hard, and I didn’t want to cut myself. But all the girls I fucked were my age, and my head was kinda spinning with what I was hearing and thinking and seeing with my Gramma. ” I was finally understanding where all this was leading, and, yes, my cock liked the idea. I mean, it was kinda kinky thinking about fucking my own Gramma, but it was good and hot thinking too. ” “I want you to fuck my pussy first, young man, and fuck it good, until I come 2 or 3 times and my juice is running down your cock and onto the bed. I grabbed her waist, which was really tiny, and sort of threw her on the bed and climbed on up after her.

It was like seeing a totally different woman from the one who had been talking to Ron and telling him what a wrong thing he did just a few minutes before. I know it’s late, but I’ve just got to have some of your good fucking. And while it was happening, another thought came into my head, and I realized it was really important to pretend that I hated it, and to tell Ron how wrong it was. And most women, they’d be scared and really hurt if they were to be forced by strangers to have sex like that.

Come on out of that closet, Eddie.” My Gramma didn’t sound mad or sad any more. “You want me to give you a hand in getting cleaned up before I go, Gramma? Both her nipples were sticking out and looking red hot. ” I climbed up on the bed and in between Gramma legs and put my face down to her pretty pink pussy. No, first I took in a deep breath through my nose, smelling that sweet cunt honey. “No, I didn’t want to show I liked it because it would have spoiled my fantasy, my fun, if they knew how bad I wanted to be fucked by them. “Well, Eddie, most women aren’t like me and like their fucking so hard and so often.

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