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I've paid for premium membership there, but it seems like their forums for premium membership are dead.I can't find any forum on their site that isn't over a year old.Are you looking for opportunities to earn money to enjoy your life as per your own? These websites help you choose from a pool of jobs by providing various opportunities to make money quickly. Here we have a list of various websites for both teens and adults to make money sitting at home.

So far the only venue I've found that accepts IF made using twine is Sub-Q magazine.I work a legitimate W-2 paying job with no schedule, and it’s great! I could not stand the idea of putting her in daycare so I decided to start researching how to make money from home.My significant other did not make enough money alone for me to be a full-time SAHM.To make money easily as a kid, you might consider doing housework to earn an allowance, babysitting, mowing lawns, finding a part-time job with a low minimum age requirement, or even becoming an entrepreneur of sorts -- for instance, you can set up a lemonade stand or craft stand on your sidewalk!Finding creative ways to earn money will be nice when you don’t have to go to your parents for spending money, and some jobs can even help you build a resume and give you valuable experience.

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