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The museum was overseen by a board, and they were able to purchase the land where the rock shelter was situated.

Where can you explore 16,000 years of life on the land in the upper Ohio Valley?

He is currently the Director of Archaeology at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University. Archaeologist John Duggan Graduate Research Assistant John graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in History and Anthropology specializing in the Archaeological Sciences and Classical Cultures.

For information on tours of and volunteering opportunities at the Old Vero Ice Age Site, visit the Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee website by clicking here. He has worked as an excavator and a field supervisor of Etruscan and Roman Archaeology at the Poggio Civitate Field School and Archaeological Site near Siena, Italy.

He decided he would reveal his discovery only when he felt that he’d come across the right archeologist whom he could trust with his treasure. For nearly 20 years, he scouted out archeologists, taking some into his confidence but never quite connecting with anyone until he was referred to James Adovasio, Ph. In the early 1970s, Adovasio, a young archeologist, took a position at the University of Pittsburgh and made it known that he was interested in exploring archeological sites near Western Pennsylvania.

I could now see the interior of the rockshelter clearly laid out before me, left as it was after the latest archaeological excavations closed out (although the site continues to be investigated).

But long before archaeologists and others came to investigate and work at the site, nature’s hand had already morphed its appearance many times over through thousands of years of weathering and erosion.

Thousands of years of weathering and erosion made this place a cave-like shelter for prehistoric human sojourners—affording them protection from the elements without and a space to rest, sleep and eat within.

Once I reached the top of the steps, I could move freely over a spacious, human-made platform, designed to hold small capacity crowds.

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