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Literally translated, Trollhättan is Trolls' Hood, and the residents are not to be taken lightly.In the midst of their watery stomping ground is Mímir's Well, owned and operated by Mímir, a Norse deity renowned for his wisdom (and a striking resemblance to Kris Kristofferson).No one warned me that I would one day sit in a beautiful old house with a fan pointed at me, getting ready for a fun-and-family-filled weekend.This isn’t the life I was promised, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.It turns out that as a teenager, Agnes once observed a woman, who she suspected was having an affair with her father, raising her arm to wave goodbye to him.At the time this gesture, which evoked “vague and immense longing” in Agnes, became unconsciously imprinted in her memory.The black iced road glistens, curving this way and that way, down, down, down the mountain, away from the old Albert Hotel, which has opened especially for her.A mansion dating from 1857, it perches on a cliff above Trollhättan, home to a Saab factory, wondrous waterfalls, and the Gõta Ãlv River, where, local legend has it, large trolls live.

I didn't pray that much at university, but I found another faith: I was in love.

If I leave the fan zone, I’ll need a shower — another shower, I mean. And it strikes me that every once in a while, I need to stop and marvel at the light. The messages I got from on high and down low was that I was less-than (a woman) and my body did shameful things (menstruated, mostly).

Still, I had hope in Jesus, and I could find my joy where I could — like a favorite television show, or a hobby — until God called me to Glory, where I would sing praises to Him throughout all eternity (which sounded, honestly, pretty boring).

There is something charming and elegant for Kundera about this hand wave that reminds him of the gesture of a young woman “playfully tossing a bright colored ball to her lover.” This unique gesture reveals to Kundera the essence of Agnes’ charm, and he is dazzled and strangely moved by it.

Later in the novel we discover that this gesture is not as unique as it initially seems.

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