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“The Leftovers” returned in fine, upsetting form Sunday night — providing several torn souls at the tail end of what has seemed to be a brief lull of peace.

The show has always opted for storytelling that jumps throughout a timeline; the three years since we last saw the main characters has led to quite a few changes.

Well known American actress, socialite and singer Miley Cyrus has been caught up in mega rumors of a new full sex tape porn video featuring one of her ex-boyfriends said to possibly be Justin Gaston and Miley getting down and dirty after a local party in LA.

Reports are saying the video is extremely nasty as the male even ejaculates on her face in the alleged Miley Cyrus sex tape video.

They discussed how strange it was that Eric had let Sheila recover at the mansion.

Ridge asked if Steffy had spoken to her brother and whether Thomas would be there for the Spectra showing.

Steffy asked what was more important than Thomas being with Caroline and Douglas.

Ridge guessed that nothing was, but he was confused because his son had been gung-ho about Sally and Spectra.

In a tongue-in-cheek reference to the oldest story in the book, the day that everything changes (again) is the day that a not-so-strange stranger comes to town.

Liam reminded his father that Jarrett thought Sally had talent. Bill stated that they'd put a stop to Spectra and make sure the show never happened. There was no more being nice, and he wanted every piece of dirt Justin had on that rat-infested heap of dust. Justin reminded Bill that once it started, there was no going back. No one should be hurt or killed, but there could be nothing left of Spectra Fashions. Bill said it had better be someone Justin could trust.

Bill said to consider the source, who'd been known to wear kilts on occasion. Justin closed the door behind Liam, and Bill uttered that he already had another plan. Handing Bill a file, Justin said to check the date. Well, that leaves them extremely vulnerable, doesn't it? Affirming it, Justin repeated that Bill needed to be sure he wanted to do it. I want Spectra Fashions to disappear," Bill commanded.

At first a ton of websites claimed to have the footage of Miley Cyrus doing…

well very nasty things including but not limited to playing with seamen in her mouth (gross) after blowing her boyfriend and other celebrity sex tape fun type stuff.

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